Hey there and happy Sunday! My family and I wanted to start this blog to share some of the simple ways we save money… Luckily for us, we just experienced a situation where a company wanted us to pay WAY more money for a service than we wanted to, but we were able to get the price where we wanted with just a few easy steps. 

One thing we’ve found is that companies often times try to make it look like prices are fixed and “that’s just the way it is.” Well, I am here to tell you that is not always the case 🙂


See my grandfather taught me some really valuable advice, which always crosses my mind in these kinds of situations… “He who cares the least is in control.” This can be used in many different situations, but I will explain one specific example right now.

My husband and I bought a lake house as a vacation home earlier this month (yes, it may be hard to believe that this little family of three bought a second home on a lake in their mid-20’s, but I promise to tell you more about that later:)) and we wanted to install a security system in the home. 

We called a major security provider and learned they wanted WAY more than we were willing to pay. That being said, my husband, Chase, told them that we were pretty far apart in numbers. Chase used the basic steps at the bottom of the page and BOY DID THAT CHANGE THINGS… After about 20 minutes on the phone, the rep finally asked, “Well, what did you have in mind?” 

BINGO 🙂 “Well, Jeff, let me tell you what I have in mind…” 🙂 “I am looking to be around $35/month, for the high level service you just told me about, and I was not anticipating paying a lump sum for an activation fee.” 

After a short discussion “Jeff” came back to tell us that they would provide the service we were requesting for $23 less per month than their advertised price – that’s a savings of $276/year or $828 for the length of the contract (3 year agreement). Now that’s a full week Tigert-style vacation right there (but more about that in another upcoming blog). Not only that, but we were also able to negotiate the activation fee and the price for new equipment—which is also more money in our pocket 🙂

Here are a few simple techniques you can try to beat the blow of high monthly rates and reactivation/equipment charges: 

1. Determine exactly what you want and what you want to pay for that service.

2. Feel free to look above at #1 and add a few features that you don’t necessarily need or want. This will give you an opportunity to “give in” on a few things you don’t necessarily want anyway to make the deal happen.

3. Name drop. Occasionally mention the other companies you are looking at. This puts pressure on the company – they don’t want guaranteed business going somewhere else.

4. Don’t commit. They want to close today – but you don’t need to make your decision today. Tell them you need to think about it and “run some numbers” or “talk to your spouse.” Often times, they will make another attempt to get your business before hanging up.

5. Walk away. I knew I could get a good deal with another company – not as good as this deal though, so if we couldn’t come to my terms, I was prepared to walk. 

6. Ask questions. Be nice, but direct. Remember, nobody wants to help a jerk. Always, self-advocate. 

Happy savings and much love from #TheTigertFamily 🙂

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